Drought is a fact of life when farming in Australia. The analysis of rainfall records indicates that we frequently have periods of dry followed by periods of wet. Only occasionally do wet and dry alternate from year to year. We have recently experienced a period of extended dry.

While we cannot determine the incidence or severity of drought, we can determine how we prepare for, and manage drought.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is to identify and implement a farming system for each business that will result in the drought becoming a “profit centre” for the business, and not a “cost centre”. This is in contrast to many farmers where drought is a “cost centre”. The exact strategy will vary from farm to farm.

Farmers who produce a profit in drought are often able to advance their business during a drought, while others are standing still or slipping behind.

Government Assistance

Several forms of Government assistance are usually available during a drought.

The assistance may include :

  • income support, interest subsidies, and grants
  • During drought we assist our clients to access the various forms of assistance available.