The Family Farm is a core unit of Agriculture, and in most cases, the local community. The creation of strong families can enhance the farm business and the broader community.

Many farm businesses do not reach their full potential because they struggle to find a consensus within the family on the operation and direction of the farm business.

Often the impediments to progress are relatively minor and can be overcome by increased communication and understanding amongst the family members.

We are commonly asked to play a facilitative role within the farm family. Our approach is to:

  • Balancing the different expectations of family members
  • Identify any impediments to communication and understanding within the family;
  • Identify the goals of the individual members within the family, and the family as a whole;
  • Identify the impediments to reaching common goals;
  • Provide mechanisms for shared decision making and goal setting.

The outcome is improved family relationships, which in turn is reflected in improved business performance.